How to Make Potion of Healing (Instant Health) in Minecraft 2022

Potion of Healing (Instant Health) in Minecraft: Minecraft is one of the Most Popular Games in the World and has Millions of Active players in the World. Along with Beautiful Endless World to Dangerous Mobs, It has lots of things to Explore.  If you have just started playing Minecraft and Looking for the Best Minecraft Blogs & Tutorial Websites. Then, My Friend, You are in the Right Place 🙂

In this article, we are going to see How to make a Potion of Healing AKA Instant health Potion, and a Recipe for a Healing Potion in Minecraft. Potion of Healing used to Recover your Heart in a Second. There are two types of healing potions you can make: Instant Health and Instant Health II. So, let’s get started.

Supported Platforms

Potion of Healing is available in the following versions of Minecraft:

Java Edition (PC/MAC)Yes
Pocket Edition (PE)Yes
Nintendo SwitchYes
PS3 & PS4Yes
Education EditionYes

Potion of Healing in Minecraft

When the Player Drinks a Potion of Healing, it gives an Instant Healing Effect and instantly adds 4 points of health (2 Hearts) to your health Bar. Similarly, Instant Health Potion immediately adds 8 Points of health (4 Hearts) to your Health Bar.

How to Make Potion of Healing in MC

Ingredient/ Reccepie for Making Potion Of Healing in MC

To Make a Potion of Healing in Minecraft, You will need the following items.

  • A Crafting table (Made With 4 Wooden Plank)
  • 1 Brewing Stand (1 Blaze Rod & 3 Cobblestone)
  • 1 Blaze Powder (Craft with 1 Blaze Rod)
  • 1 Nether Wart (Found in Nether)
  • 1 Glistering Melon (Craft With 1 Melon & 8 iron Nuggets)

To craft a Potion of Healing (Instant Health II), you will need a Glowstone Dust.

How to Make Healing Potion in Minecraft 2022

Let’s see a Step by Step Procedure to Make a Potion of Healing in Minecraft.

  1. Make a Blaze Powder with the help of 1 Blaze Rod.
made Blaze Powder with Blaze Rods

2. Craft a Crafting Table with the Help of 4 Wooden Plank (You can use any Wood from the Open as well as the Nether World) it will Work.

Craft Crafting Table with Wooden Plank

3. Now, Place a Crafting table on the Ground and Click on it open Crafting Table Menu.

Place Crafting Table on Ground

4. When you click on Crafting Table it will Come with an open it to bring up the 3X3 crafting grid.

How Crafting Table Looks

5. Craft a Glizering Melon by adding a Melon in the Center and Place Gold ingots around the melon. For 1 Glistering Melon, You will need 8 Gold ingots and 1 Water Melon.

How to Make a Glistering Melon

6. Craft a Brewing Stand by Placing Blaze Rod in the Middle of the Top Row and Cobblestone in the Middle of the Crafting Table.

Craft Brewing Stand

7. Once it is created, Place the Brewing Stand on the ground and click on it to open its brewing menu.

Place brewing stand on Ground

8. Place a Blaze Powder on the left side of the Blaze Powder to Active Brewing Stand.

Adding Blaze Powder in Brewing Stand

9. Add a Water Bottle to the bottom of the Brewing Stand as Shown in Below Images. You can add up Upto 3 Water bottles to make 3 Healing potions at the Same Time.

Add Water Bottle in Brewing Stand

10. Add Nether Wart at the Top of the Brewing Stand. Once, You add Nether Wart to the brewing Stand. Brewing Stand will get Activated and will make an Awkard Potion.

Add Nether Wart in Brewing Stand

11. Add Glistering Melon at the Top of the Brewing Stand.

Add Glistering Melon on Awkward

12. Wait for the Progress bar to Complete. Once, Progress process is accomplished, your bottle will now contain a Potion of Healing (Instant Health).

Potion of Healing

How to Make Instant Health II Potion

You can Make your Healing Potion even more Powerful i.e. Instant Health II by Adding a Glowstone Dust on the Top of the Brewing Stand.

 Instant Health II

The benefit of Using Potion of Healing Potion

  • Instant Health Potion is Very Usefull in Minecraft Hardcore.
  • It is one of the Fastest Ways to Recover Your Health Bar in Minecraft.
  • Instant Health 2 is More Efficient then Instant Health 1.

What is the Use of Instant Health Potion?

Instant health Potion help to Instantly Recover your Health. Instant Health Recover 2 Hearts and Instant Health II Recover 4 Hearts Instantly.

How to get Instant Health Potion for Free?

You can get Instant Health potions by Trading with Barbarian and sometimes Witches Drop Healing potions when they Get Killed.

What is a Recipe for the Potion of Healing?

To Make a Healing Potion in Minecraft, You will need a Brewing Stand, an Awkward Position, and Glistering Melon.

Final Words

So, this is all about the Potion of Healing in Minecraft. We cover almost all the Topics, of Minecraft Healing Potion including healing potion 5e, healing potion recipe, healing potion master notes, and Healing Potion for MCPE & Java Edition. If you still have any Query related to Minecraft SwiiftnessvPotion. Let us know in the Comment Section. Thank You.

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